Forever Loved Jewelry - Cremation Accessories Forever Remembered - Forever Cherished - Forever Loved
We have been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years.  After the loss of one of the members of our family, our Irish Setter of 13 years, I was inspired to do more than the simple, traditional urn display.  In my search, I was not impressed with the cremation jewelry that was available.  I wanted something fashionable.  I wanted something elegant for my wife and something memorable to me.   As I was told, this is the perfect way to lovingly remember those we have lost.  

Through the years and the requests of our bereaved customers, our product line has grown.  It takes a little more than a tablespoon of cremains to make each of our products.  We manufacture through a patented process.  The interment of the cremains are in a composite mixture that solidifies.  It is then polished, revealing the Ash StoneTM.  Each piece is respectfully handled, hand-finished, and set in the jewelry or article you wish.